Nick Apollo, PhD joins the CNT


Nicholas ApolloDr. Nick Apollo is the newest addition to the CNT working alongside Drs. Flavia Vitale and Brian Litt after being awarded a trainee position in the Neuroengineering and Medicine T32 Training Grant. He is working to develop conformable biosensors capable of simultaneously monitoring neurotransmitter concentration and electrophysiological activity in real time. He will also investigate the use of 2D titanium carbide nanomaterials in neural interfacing and biosensing.

He has training in biomedical engineering (BSE ’11, University of Pittsburgh) and materials science (PhD ’17, University of Melbourne). Prior to beginning postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania, he was working as a fabrication scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia focused on building carbon-based medical devices. His research interests include carbon materials (graphene, diamond, and carbon nanotubes), brain-machine interfacing, medical device integration and packaging, and biosensing.

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