Our paper on MXene neuroelectronics is accepted in ACS Nano!

Nicki’s paper on high-resolution neural electrodes based on MXene has been accepted for publication in ACS Nano. The paper describes the first example of neural interfaces from MXene, a 2D nanomaterial recently discovered by Prof. Gogotsi and his team at Drexel. Specifically, we show a novel microfabrication process to fabricate neural recording electrodes from MXene and we extensively characterize them in vitro and in vivoCompared to conventional electrode materials, like metals, MXene neural electrodes have significant less impedance which translates in higher signal-to-noise ratio. Furthermore, they can detect neural spiking activity that is “invisible” on the higher impedance electrodes. In the paper, we also show that our MXene-based devices are flexible, that they can easily conform to the curved surface of the brain, and that are compatible to neuronal growth and proliferation in vitro.

Congratulations Nicki!

To read more: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsnano.8b06014

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