Welcome summer students!

We are very excited to welcome to the 6 new students who will be joining the Vitale Lab team for the summer.

Placid Unegbu has just completed his Master’s degree in Bioengineering at Penn and will be working on closed-loop control of electrodes for neural recording and optogentic stimulation. Gari Eberly (rising junior in Biomedical Engineering Bucknell University) and Tessa Posey (rising senior in Bimedical Engineering at the University of South Carolina) from the Singh Center REU program, Nancy Rodriguez-Perez (rising junior in Civil Engineering at ASU) from the REU SUNFEST Program, and Quincy Hendricks (rising sophomore in Bioengineering at Penn) will be working on microfabrication and characterization of our neural electrodes. Campbell Parker (rising junior in in Bioengineering at Penn) will be working on optimizing our film casting setup.

This will be a busy and super productive summer in the Vitale Lab!

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