Meet the Vitale Lab at BMES 2019

We are getting ready for BMES 2019, which this year will be hosted here in Philadelphia. This year there will be a great representation from the Vitale lab, with 3 oral and 2 poster presentations. 
Here the details of our presentations:

  • Thursday Oct. 17, 2.15p. Room 120C Nicolette Driscoll will present her talk: “Ti3C2 MXene for Dry EEG Electrodes” (Authors: N. Driscoll, B. Erickson, B. Murphy, N. Apollo, J. Medaglia, F. Vitale)
  • Friday Oct. 18, Room 115C Teddy Wang will present his talk: “Flexible, Transparent micro-LED Arrays for Optogenetic Stimulation of Living Electrodes”, (Authors: T. Wang, N. Driscoll, O. Adewole, M. Serruya, K. Cullen, F. Vitale.)
  • Friday Oct. 18 Matthew Zwimpfer and Kayla Prezelski will present their poster: “MINT: A Multipoint INjection Technology For Intracerebral Gene Transfer” (Authors: M. Zwimpfer, K. Prezelski, M. Kaiser, T. Lucas, P. Gonzalez-Alegre, F. Vitale)
  • Saturday Oct. 19, 8.15a Room 120C Brendan Murphy will present his talk: “A Ti3C2 MXene-Based Array For High-Density Surface Electromyography “ (Authors: B. Murphy, N. Driscoll, N. Apollo, A. Richardson, P. Mulcahey, G. Robbins, T. Dillingham, F. Vitale)
  • Saturday Oct. 19 Gary Eberly will present her poster: “Transparent MXene MicroECoG Electrodes For Multi-Modal Seizure Monitoring”. (Authors: G. Eberly, N. Driscoll, B. Murphy, F. Vitale. )

Come and meet us at BMES!

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