Our paper on multimodal mapping the microscale dynamics of epileptic networks is accepted in Communications Biology

Congratulations to the first co-authors Nicki Driscoll and Richard Rosch from the Dani Bassett Lab for the acceptance of their paper  “Multimodal in vivo recording using transparent graphene microelectrodes illuminates spatiotemporal seizure dynamics at the microscale” in Communications Biology. This study proposes a new framework to combine microECoG and calcium imaging datasets collected through transparent microelectrode arrays to identify microscale dynamics of epilepsy in mouse models. Here the link to the online version of the paper.

Welcome new PhD students

Yuzhang Chen (Neuroscience), Sneha Shankar, and George Menztelopoulos (Bioengineering) join the lab for their PhD studies. Welcome!

Dr. Vitale receives the Linda Pechenik Montague Investigator Award

Dr. Vitale has received the Linda Pechenik Montague Investigator Award.
This prestigious award was created by the philanthropist Linda Pechenik Montague to recognize the most promising research faculty at the Perelman School of Medicine. In addition to the prestigious recognition, the award will provide $100,000 to support the research work of Dr. Vitale.
Thanks to Linda Pechenik Montague and to the Perelman School of Medicine for this honor.

Meet the Vitale Lab at BMES 2019

We are getting ready for BMES 2019, which this year will be hosted here in Philadelphia. This year there will be a great representation from the Vitale lab, with 3 oral and 2 poster presentations. 
Here the details of our presentations:

  • Thursday Oct. 17, 2.15p. Room 120C Nicolette Driscoll will present her talk: “Ti3C2 MXene for Dry EEG Electrodes” (Authors: N. Driscoll, B. Erickson, B. Murphy, N. Apollo, J. Medaglia, F. Vitale)
  • Friday Oct. 18, Room 115C Teddy Wang will present his talk: “Flexible, Transparent micro-LED Arrays for Optogenetic Stimulation of Living Electrodes”, (Authors: T. Wang, N. Driscoll, O. Adewole, M. Serruya, K. Cullen, F. Vitale.)
  • Friday Oct. 18 Matthew Zwimpfer and Kayla Prezelski will present their poster: “MINT: A Multipoint INjection Technology For Intracerebral Gene Transfer” (Authors: M. Zwimpfer, K. Prezelski, M. Kaiser, T. Lucas, P. Gonzalez-Alegre, F. Vitale)
  • Saturday Oct. 19, 8.15a Room 120C Brendan Murphy will present his talk: “A Ti3C2 MXene-Based Array For High-Density Surface Electromyography “ (Authors: B. Murphy, N. Driscoll, N. Apollo, A. Richardson, P. Mulcahey, G. Robbins, T. Dillingham, F. Vitale)
  • Saturday Oct. 19 Gary Eberly will present her poster: “Transparent MXene MicroECoG Electrodes For Multi-Modal Seizure Monitoring”. (Authors: G. Eberly, N. Driscoll, B. Murphy, F. Vitale. )

Come and meet us at BMES!